Pergola Sizes - An Ultimate Guide for Your Outdoor Space

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Pergolas come in different sizes, and each size serves a purpose. To help you know which size pergola to choose for your outdoor space, we have created this pergola size guide. We will cover everything from common pergola sizes to choosing the right pergola. Finally, we will top it off with our top-selling pergolas so that you know the exact one you need to choose for your outdoor space. Let’s get started!

Pergola Sizes / Size Guide

For quick reference, here is a pergola size chart to help you understand the top pergola sizes and how to use them.



10 x 10

Small gatherings (2 chairs)

10 x 12

Small gatherings (2 to 4 chairs)

10 x 14

Outdoor dining area (up to 6 chairs)

12 x 12

Outdoor dining and moderate gatherings

12 x 16 and larger

Large gatherings (couches, swings, etc)

How Tall Should a Pergola Be?

Small Decks and Patios

If you have a small deck or patio that you want to add a pergola to, you can choose a 10 x 10, 10 x 12, or a 10 x 14 pergola. The largest pergola you should choose for a small patio or deck is a 12 x 12.

These sizes of pergolas will give you an area to place a few chairs and a coffee table or an outdoor dining table if you prefer to create an area to eat outside.

Large Decks

If you have a large deck, you can choose a bigger pergola. A 12 x 16 or larger pergola can fit on a large deck and not look out of place. With a large pergola 12 x 16 or larger, you can add more furniture for entertaining in the outdoor structure, like a fire pit or a swing.

Backyard or Garden

If you’re looking to add a pergola to your backyard or garden, you can choose any size pergola you want to fit the area. It can be as small as 10 x 10 or as large as 16 x 24. Try to think about how you will be using the pergola to decide which size will be best for you. If you just want a small outdoor living space with an area to sit, something small is fine. But if you want something large enough to hold an outdoor dining table, outdoor kitchen, and more, larger pergola dimensions will serve you well.

Pergola Size Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One

Where you put the pergola and how you use the pergola are two main components that will help you choose the right one.


The location is the first consideration you need to take when choosing your pergola size. Think about where you will be putting the pergola to decide which size pergola you should buy.

If you know that you will be placing your pergola on a small deck or patio, you’ll need to choose a smaller pergola that is no bigger than 12 x 12.

Larger decks can support larger pergolas, and they won’t look out of place. A larger deck can have a pergola up to 16 x 24 as long as the deck can support it.

For your backyard or garden, you can simply choose which size pergola you want to fit the area for how you’ll be using the pergola. For example, if you want a small outdoor living area that will give you a place to sit quietly and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book, then you should choose a 10 x 10 pergola. It won’t look too small in your backyard or garden.


What kind of furniture will you put within the pergola? This is the second consideration you need to take when choosing a pergola.

You may have a visualization in mind of the type of furniture you want to use under your pergola. You should know the measurements of the pergola and how much space your furniture will take up under the pergola so that you choose a pergola that is large enough.

What Size Height Should a Pergola Be?

A pergola can be 8 feet tall, 10 feet tall, or 12 feet tall. The size of the pergola and where the pergola is will determine how tall it should be.

If you’re placing an attached pergola on a back deck or patio, the height should match the ceiling of the house or structure it’s attached to so that they are all the same height, which may be 8 feet, 9 feet, or 10 feet tall.

If you’re placing a freestanding pergola in a backyard or garden, then you should choose a height that correlates to the size of the pergola.

You should follow the height guide below based on the size pergola you choose:

Pergola Size


10 x 10

8 to 10-foot ceiling

10 x 12

8 to 10-foot ceiling

10 x 14

8 to 10-foot ceiling

12 x 12

Minimum of 10-foot ceiling

12 x 16

Minimum of 10-foot ceiling

16 x 16 or larger

12-foot ceiling


Top-Selling Pergolas

1. Bodhi Pergola and Lehigh Swing Set


One of our top-selling pergolas is the Bodhi Pergola and Lehigh Swing Set. You can choose from a 10 x 10, 10 x 12, or 12 x 12, making this the perfect pergola for a back deck, patio, or backyard. It is Highwood marine-grade lumber, so it won’t rot, crack, split, or fade. There are several stain colors you can choose from when ordering the Bodhi Pergola swing set.

2. Western Red Cedar Pergola with Deck and Swing Hangers


Another top-selling wooden pergola on our list is the Western Red Cedar pergola made by A & L Furniture. It has a deck base and swing hangers, so you can add a swing to the pergola. It’s a smaller pergola that comes in 6 x 8, 8 x 8, and 8 x 10 options. You can also add pergola curtains to this option!

3. 12 x 12 Bodhi Pergola with 2 Weatherly Swings


Pergola Sizes

The final top-selling pergola on our list is the Bodhi Pergola which comes with 2 Weatherly swings that face one another. Both swings are 4-feet long and can accommodate two people. The pergola is 12 x 12 and comes in a variety of colors and stains to choose from.


We hope this guide has helped you understand more about pergola sizes and how to make the right choice for your outdoor living space! Take a look at some of the other pergolas on our website before you go to make sure you choose the best option for your outdoor structure.

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