6 Live Edge Benches to Spruce Up Any Room in Your House

6 Live Edge Benches to Spruce Up Any Room in Your House

If you’ve never thought about adding a live edge bench to your house, this is the sign that you should! Not only does a live edge bench add seating to your room, but it also adds character. It may just be the missing piece to your room that you didn’t know you needed.

To help you decide which live edge bench you should choose, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve comprised this ultimate list of 6 live edge benches to spruce up any room in your house!

1. Glacier Country Half Log Plank Bench


The Glacier Country half log plank bench by Montana Woodworks is made of U.S. grown lodgepole pine wood, making it dense and sturdy to hold up to 350 pounds. It has a flat surface with live edges that show off the natural accents of the pine used in the bench. It has two feet on each end of the bench, reinforcing its strength.

It comes in the following sizes to choose from:

  • 4-foot: 48" wide x 19" deep x 18" tall
  • 5-foot: 60" wide x 19" deep x 18" tall
  • 6-foot: 72" wide x 19" deep x 18” tall

Skilled artisans expose the inner cambium layer of the live edge wood and leave it intact so that you can see the intricate details of the pine wood. Once they have finished carving the bench, the artisan applies a stain and lacquer finish to give the bench a protective finish.

One of our favorite things about Montana Woodworks' live edge benches is that they come with a 20-year limited warranty.

2. Half Log Plank Bench


The half-log plank bench is another option by Montana Woodworks that made our list. It is very similar to the Glacier Country option. Their skilled artisans use the same techniques in this option, completely removing the bark and exposing the cambium layer underneath. It is made of U.S. grown lodgepole pine wood which makes the natural accents and grain of the solid wood stand out.

It comes in the following sizes  sizes to choose from:

  • 4-foot: 48" wide x 19" deep x 18" tall
  • 5-foot: 60" wide x 19" deep x 18" tall
  • 6-foot: 72" wide x 19" deep x 18” tall

The main difference between the Glacier Country option and this option is the weight capacity. This option has a significantly higher weight capacity of 500 pounds.

3. Wildwood Bench


The Wildwood Bench is one of our favorites on our list. It is by A & L Furniture, and it comes in a variety of lengths so you can add it to any room in your house.

Each bench is made of locust wood and has live edges to show off the natural grain of the hardwood. Locust wood is dense, durable, and rot-resistant hardwood, making it the perfect wood option for a live edge bench.

These are the following sizes with weight capacities that you can choose from:

  • 2-Foot: 350-pound weight capacity, 1-person seating capacity
  • 3-Foot: 450-pound weight capacity, 1-person seating capacity
  • 4-Foot: 600-pound weight capacity, 1 to 2 people seating capacity
  • 5-Foot: 700-pound weight capacity, 2 people seating capacity
  • 6-Foot: 800-pound weight capacity, 3 to 4 people seating capacity
  • 8-Foot: 800-pound weight capacity, 4 people seating capacity

The shorter options are great for a front entrance, while the longer ones are perfect for a living or dining room. All of them are 17” tall, no matter what length you choose.

For the finish, you can choose between an unfinished or a stained finish, and there are three different stains to choose from so that you can match your house perfectly.

4. Glacier Country Half Log Bench with Back and Arms


We’re back with another option from Montana Woodworks, and this is a twist on the standard Glacier Country bench that was first on our list. The seat and legs are identical to the Glacier Country bench, and it comes in the same sizes, with weight capacity depending on which size you choose. It has two strong legs on each side of the bench to reinforce the strength and integrity of the bench. 

  • 4-foot: 48" wide x 19" deep x 18" tall
  • 5-foot: 60" wide x 19" deep x 18" tall
  • 6-foot: 72" wide x 19" deep x 18” tall

It has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, which is higher than the standard Glacier Country backless bench, making this a great option for more than one person to sit on at a time.

We like this bench because it has arms and a back. Not only does this help reinforce the bench and give it a higher weight capacity, but it also makes it a slightly more comfortable option if someone will be sitting on the bench for a long time.

Like all its products, this bench is backed by Montana Woodworks’s 20-year limited warranty.

5. Briar Patch Flower Pot Bench


We chose this live edge bench for our list because you can use it for sitting or as a place to sit a potted plant in your home. We always like products that have more than one use.

If using this bench for sitting, you need to know that it has only a one-person seating capacity, whether you choose the 2-foot or the 3-foot option. The 2-foot option has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. For the 3-foot option, it's 450 pounds.

The Briar Patch Flower Pot Bench is ideal for front entrances and foyers. It can spruce up your entryway to give guests an area to sit and take off their shoes when they make themselves at home.

The bench is rot-resistant locust wood, which is a hardwood that allows you to use this bench outdoors as well. You can easily move the bench from your entryway to your porch for the summer without worrying about the bench rotting.

You can choose to leave the bench unfinished or between three different finishing stains.

6. Cedar Log Benches (Set of 2)


There are two cedar log benches in this set made by Lakeland Mills. The legs of the cedar log benches have live edges, exposing the checks and natural grain of the northern white cedar. Each bench measures 23” long x 18” tall x 17” wide and has a 1-person seating capacity of up to 300 pounds.

You can leave these two benches separate from one another, giving you two separate seating areas in your house for two people, or you can push them together to make one long bench.

The benches come naturally unfinished, but you can finish them with a wood stain if you prefer. Lakeland Mills backs this set of cedar log benches with a one-year warranty should there be anything wrong with the benches within the first year.

How to Use Live Edge Benches in Your Home

There are many different ways to use live edge benches in your home. Each of these ways provides additional seating and serves a true purpose in your home.

Entryway Bench

One of our favorite locations to place a live edge bench is in the entryway or foyer of a house. When a guest enters your house, they will notice the first thing they see in the entryway, and a live edge bench is perfect for that.

Not only does a live edge bench bring character to your entryway, but it provides functionality to your entryway as well.

A live edge wood slab bench in your entryway will give you and your guests an area to sit and take off shoes or put shoes on when coming and going from your house.

Living Room Bench

Having an accent bench in your living room adds charm to your living room and gives you a place to put your favorite accent pillows without cluttering up your couch and loveseat. We like placing a live edge bench underneath a window or a wall with wall decor to tie the room altogether. You could use this same approach when using a live edge wooden bench as a furniture piece in a home office.

Bedroom Bench

We may have saved the best location for last on our list of locations to put a natural edge bench in your home. You can place a live edge bench at the foot of your bed to spruce up your bedroom. Adding a live edge bench at the foot of your bed gives you both decoration and functionality to your bedroom.

It can tie your bedroom together while also giving you a place to sit and get ready in the morning or take off your shoes at night. Plus, you can add pillows and other decorations to the bench to show off your style.


Adding any of these six pieces of great quality furniture to your house will spruce up any room you choose to put it in. We love live edge benches because no two benches are the same when it comes to the natural solid wood pattern. You can dress them up or down to make them the perfect addition to your room.

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