How Hot Does a Fire Pit Get? Safety Tips for Your Fire Pit

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We think a fire pit is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. It is where our families can gather to spend time and share stories. It does not only provide warmth on cool nights but also creates a cozy spot to connect with our loved ones. When it comes to fire, there are certain things we have to know to keep everyone safe and sound.

What is a Fire Pit?

Traditionally, a fire pit is a fire hole dug into the ground. It is made for fires to be contained. The main function of a fire pit is to produce heat, which can be used for cooking and staying warm. It also adds visual appeal to your exterior.

Today, you do not need to dig a hole to have a fire pit.  A wide selection of fire pits is available depending on what a consumer wants and needs, and they come in many sizes, styles, and makes.

Some homeowners consider a fire pit a staple for an outdoor living space as it is perfect for spending time outdoors on cool nights. There are a few types of backyard fire pits including professionally installed stone structures, standalone models, and even what is known as fire table. Fire pits differ in style as well as their heat source. Some fire pits are powered by wood, and others by gas such as propane, natural gas, or ethanol.

How Hot Does a Fire Pit Get?

The answer to the golden question "how hot does a bonfire get?," the answer is not that complex but simple. The heat output from fire pits is measured using the British Thermal Unit (BTU). This is also the same unit used in measuring other products such as barbecue grills, air conditioning units, and water heaters.

So, how hot does a fire pit get? The flames and the temperature that a fire pit produces depend on what type of heat source and material you use to make your fire. For instance, woods that are used for a bonfire are extremely hot.

A bonfire’s temperature can reach as hot as 2012°F. The heat output from a wood fire pit can go up to more than 100,000 BTUs. This heat is enough to melt aluminum and other kinds of metal. A metal fire pit can only reach up to 800°F, which is still extremely hot.

If you’re using the fire pit for heat, a gas fire pit doesn’t produce as much heat as a fire from wood. For fire pits that make use of bioethanol, the heat output is less at 1,000 to 4,000 BTUs. These are commonly found in portable tabletop fire pits. Models using bioethanol are smaller and cannot generate as much heat making them less useful for outside use in cooler weather.

Another common gas used for fire pits is propane. A propane-fueled fire pit can produce up to 10,000 BTUs. You may find propane fire pits that can handle higher heat output of up to 70,000 BTUs, but these fire pits are on the top tier of the fire pit models available and are likely to be more expensive.

Reasons Why We Love a Fire Pit

The main purpose of a fire pit is to prevent the fire from spreading. Fire pits will give you the heat that you need without risking fire accidents. There are many reasons why we love having a fire pit as part of an outdoor living space! Here is some motivation why you might consider getting one too:

Get Closer to Mother Nature

Having a fire pit is a great decision to make if you want to enjoy outdoor living and spend more time relaxing on the patio. You won’t be able to stay outside for a long time during chilly and windy nights, but if you have a fire pit, you can still enjoy more time in nature all year round.

Perfect for Social Gatherings

What’s more perfect than a backyard campfire? Fire pits are great mood setters for simple and big social gatherings. It sets the tone and ambiance for a meaningful night with friends and family.

You can sit silently while enjoying the night and some drinks. Or create more memories with loved ones while roasting marshmallows, and having the best and most intimate conversations of your life. There are many activities that you can enjoy around a fire pit; all you need is a little imagination!

Bring on the Romantic Vibes

A fire pit makes special occasions like a romantic dinner, or date more memorable. It sets the vibe for a romantic night with your special someone. Set up date nights with your significant other under an ocean of stars while keeping yourselves warm with a blazing fire from the pit.

Aesthetically Appealing

Fire pits are attractive and add visual appeal to backyard landscaping and outdoor home decor. They come in many designs and style that suit your taste. What’s even better, installing them makes your property more marketable since many homeowners today prefer having this focal point in their backyard.

Maximize Your Time Outdoors

It is certain that when you have a fire pit, you will prefer to spend more time in your backyard. Fire pits compel you to stay out more than usual. If you are looking for a way to waste less screen time on your phone and in front of the television, then having an outside fire pit is an excellent motivator.

Safety Tips for Your Fire Pit

Pits can present obvious dangers whether you have a wood burning fire pit or gas model. This means that extreme caution and safety are required once you have one installed. You must be aware of the necessary safety measures you should take to prevent injury and fire accidents.

Here are some key safety precautions you need to know:

  • Keep the fire as far away from flammable objects as you can. This means that your plants and other objects that can attract flame must be 10 to 20 feet away.
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby. It is best to keep one close so that you can easily eliminate fire when needed.
  • Make sure to have other flame stoppers within reach aside from a fire extinguisher. Flame stoppers like sand and fire blankets are recommended.
  • Don't ever use your fire pit in an enclosed space or a building overhang. Doing so may cause a fire to the structure and allow you to inhale dangerous fumes.
  • Place your chairs a few feet away from the fire pit to allow enough space for safe movement.
  • Don't let children and pets get too close to the fire pit.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Make sure your family and friends are informed and educated about fire safety.

In the end, fire safety boils down to being responsible. It is still up to use the fire pit properly. Do not neglect any safety measures to ensure that you, and everyone around you, are safe at all times.


There are so many ways to improve outdoor living to make it cozy and enjoyable. Adding a fire pit is only one of the options. Fire pits have grown more popular, and homeowners are more eager to install this structure as they are beautiful and multi-functional. It is also a very stylish way to improve the use of your backyard.

Make sure that you understand how to operate you pit and how you can keep everyone safe. Owning a fire pit also equates to being responsible, especially if you have children and pets at home.

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