10 Beautiful Indoor Benches with Backs for Your Home

white glider indoor bench

A home cannot be called a home without comfortable furniture to cozy up on during downtime. When looking for furniture for extra seating, there are many things you need to consider.

Not only should it be comfortable and functional, but it should also go with your home’s aesthetic. Indoor benches with backs are quite rare to see inside the house. But, when they gracefully become part of the decor, they lend the home a quaint and unique twist.

Indoor benches are timeless pieces that you can add to any part of your house. Be it the living room, dining room, or even in a spacious bedroom, these benches serve their purposes both aesthetically and functionality.

Choosing the Perfect Indoor Benches with Backs

Shopping for home furniture is always fun as much as it is challenging. With the right guide, however, you will be able to choose beautiful indoor benches with backs that fit your style. Here are some things to consider before getting an indoor bench:


Materials are one of the most important things you need to investigate when purchasing furniture. High-quality materials are important so that the things you buy can withstand the test of time. There are many main material details used for indoor benches ranging from plastics to wood to metal and stone, among others.

Because indoor benches are kept safe inside, you do not have to worry too much about external elements such as the heat of the sun or rain showers. Having a wooden bench inside is a good choice, especially if it fits with your home decor. You can also choose other materials such as metals, plastic, or stone depending on your budget and preference.


Indoor benches have several styles that you can choose from. From a single-seater to eight-seater; from gliders to swing benches; you name it and it’s out there. Some benches have intricate carvings, while others have a sleek and timeless look. Know the style that you want and start hunting for the perfect piece to complement your room.


Even if you choose something made from expensive materials, the craftsmanship of the indoor benches is also a factor to consider. Well-known furniture makers have the expertise to build excellent benches. Of course, they do not come cheap, but if you have a healthy budget, investing in better workmanship is worthwhile because the finished product is always the finest.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a solid wood bench, but still want to have an indoor bench, you can still get a great one within your price range. Just make sure to closely inspect the furniture for issues like quality finishes, no loose screws, no scratches or abrasions, and other possible defects.


When adding furniture to an already-established interior, you have to consider if it fits with the overall look. Design cohesiveness is important for any home interior. Before purchasing a bench to be placed in your home, make sure that it can blend with the design and interior you already have. Otherwise, it will look out of place and can ruin your vision for the space.


What is the purpose of the indoor bench seat? Is it for aesthetics only? Or do you want it to be functional? You must know the purpose so that you know what to get when faced with hundreds of choices!

10 Beautiful Indoor Benches with Backs for Your Home

To narrow down your options, here is a compilation of our favorite selections. These indoor benches are synonymous with style and comfort. We think they add a certain flair to any indoor living space.

1. Plain Poly Bench

A lovely addition to your home, particularly when welcoming guests with this entryway bench. This elegant piece is available in various colors and a couple of sizes. You can pick between the 2 ft and 4 ft model to guarantee that it is appropriate for the space. The 4 ft bench can seat two people comfortably, while the 2 ft can seat one. There are 14 colors to choose from with solid colors as well as color combination options!

The bench’s main material is recycled plastic, which is extremely durable. To maximize its durability, it is reinforced with stainless steel hardware. This indoor bench is a piece of no-fuss, maintenance-free furniture. And since the plastic material is reliable, you can be assured that it will never crack or rot as time goes by.

2. Curve Love Seat Bench

We love this unique bench! Though it’s meant as an outdoor bench, this love seat can also be a wonderful addition to your home. With its eye-catching peanut-style design, singles and couples alike will fall in love with this chair. It has a curved back that goes along the entirety of the bench, which also serves as its armrest.

This is a lovely accent bench or perfect as a bedroom bench for two lovebirds! It will look good if placed in the center of a room where the shape of the bench can command more attention. The genuine teak construction is smooth to the touch. It has no finish to maintain its natural form and color.

3. Marlborough 3-Seater Bench

A design reproduced from the creativity of one of Britain’s most notable architects, Sir Edwin Lutyens, the classic design of Marlborough is an elegant addition to your home furniture. The bench is made of solid mahogany hardwood that is painted white. With the multiple coats of oven processed paint, the mahogany hardwood can withstand decades of use even under tough conditions. And since it has a white semi-gloss finish, the hue can complement any color of bench cushion fabric you may wish to add.

It also has sloping arches that lend it a graceful yet chic appearance. The 3-seater bench has fully scrolled arms on both sides so that whoever sits on it can be comfortable. The bench can hold up to 500 lbs of weight.

4. Heritage Double Rock-a-Tee Bench

We adore this cozy number for a sunroom or a quirky addition to your living room furniture! This double glider adds a classic twist to your abode. It gives off a contemporary feel with its exemplary and unique design. The 2 single-seating benches are divided by a built-in console for your drinks and food. The arched backrests provide good back support, while the curved armrests assure comfort to a maximum level.

Since it is made of high-quality HDPE resin and stainless steel fasteners, you are guaranteed durable furniture that withstands all climates and all seasons. This bench is also a good choice for eco-friendly individuals. It uses recycled plastic made into poly lumber, an innovative approach to save the world from more plastics. Additionally, you can enjoy a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer intended against all defects the bench may suffer from within the warranty period.

5. Cedar Garden Bench

Simplicity offers its own beauty with this farmhouse bench design. The minimalistic approach of this classic Cedar Garden Bench exudes a fuss-free approach to your home’s aesthetic, especially if you like rustic interior design. Durable wooden slats make up the frame and the seat itself. The bench’s arms are also a feature to behold as they showcase the natural wood grain.

The wood of choice is untreated, yet rot-resistant, Western Red Cedar. It is sanded into a perfect and smooth finish. Attention DIY enthusiasts: the bench requires full assembly on your part!

6. Classic Bench

Timeless and classic, this traditional bench is suitable for most settings. The bench can seat 3 people at a given time. It has curved back support and contoured seating that guarantees relaxation and comfort are met. The bench is made from genuine grade teak wood, which is one of the best choices for wood among furniture pieces.

Due to the wood’s innate ability to withstand wear and tear, this durable classic bench will last a long time. The bench does not come with any finish. Instead, it exudes its natural beauty and color. Maintaining this bench is also easy since it only needs soap and water to keep its classic beauty in its pure condition.

7. Yellow Pine Fanback Garden Bench

Picture this beauty in your country kitchen! The bench is available in various sizes and color choices and commands attention. There are 3 sizes available: 4 ft, 5 ft, and 6 ft. As for colors, you can choose from 18 options!

Yellow Pine is hardwood, which makes it a good choice for a wood bench. The durable Yellow Pine can withstand the test of time whether you place it indoors or outdoors. The back and the seat are designed in slatted wood, exuding a vintage feel that can charm any homeowner and guests alike. What makes this bench more special is the fact that this is all handmade by Amish artisans.

8. Yellow Pine Traditional Backed Bench

A backed bench that presents the exact definition of traditional, this furniture piece has a rugged appeal while maintaining a minimalistic approach to its design. The bench showcases an example of traditional Amish-style dining chairs yet is cool enough to stand alone as a modern bench at the table. It is made from solid knot-free Yellow Pine with a very comfortable back for the best relaxation possible.

Three sizes are available to choose from: 2 ft (250 lbs weight capacity, sits 1); 3 ft (350 lbs weight capacity, sits 1); and 4ft (450 lbs weight capacity, sits 2). Furthermore, there are tons of color selections giving you the chance to find the perfect fit for your dining table.

9. Cedar Adirondack Loveseat Bench

Another cozy loveseat on our list is this Cedar Adirondack. The slatted back and broad arms give the best relief for back pains since the design of Adirondack chairs is meant for better weight distribution. The loveseat bench is handmade using Western Red Cedar, a wood that is rot-resistant even if it is not specially treated with chemicals or paints.

The chair boasts of a natural unstained finish. The natural beauty of the chair is a wonderful addition to most settings, be it indoors or outdoors. Even if it is not painted, the natural untreated state of the Western Red Cedar gives off an amazing color palette that ranges from light amber to deep brown.

10. Hamilton 3-Seater Bench

Image this wood dining bench at a casual table. The Hamilton 3-seater bench is designed with a curved back to provide lower lumbar support. This ergonomic design can help reduce low back pain as well as provide comfortable seating. The bench is constructed with solid Indonesian Teak and a light java finish. Since teak is one of the best woods for furniture, you are assured that its natural oils and rubbers will protect the bench for the years to come.

Another DIY bench project, this model requires some assembly, but the timeless beauty of this design is worth the effort. It further comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty.


Home furniture encompasses a wide range of necessary pieces, but there’s always room for a stylish bench that can make a statement or highlight your decor. When looking for indoor benches with backs, the most important thing you need to consider is comfort. Comfort is essential because it guarantees relaxation, which is what we want to feel in our homes.

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